Ocean City House - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have only a half dozen crabs to steam, do I use the kitchen stove?

Absolutely NOT. Never use kitchen stove to steam crabs. Always use turkey cooker – outdoor appliance with propane burner and handy steam basket and stockpot.

How do I clean the kitchen stove top?

A product called “Cerama Bryte”. A cream that you apply and remove with a paper towel. Difficult spots can be removed by using a scraper (razor blade in retractable handle) by just angling the scraper 45 degrees and spread cream with the blade.

Do we have a knife sharpener in the house?

Yes, looks like a steel (chefs use to buff knife – a straight rod) but is an actual knife sharpener.

I was only there for a weekend, should I place the trash out at the roadside?

Use your judgment, check the calendar before you visit and if it will be sometime before the next person is down, do NOT leave the container at the end of the driveway. Remember, you had placed the trash in a 13 gallon kitchen trash bag and then placed those bags into a trash container (approx.. 45 gallon bag) bag prior to placing trash in receptacle.

Why does Bob get so irate?

Acts of stupidity by people.

How many crab pots are we legally allowed to put out?

Found brochure, 2005 and they do not distribute these any more. Need to get 2012 rule book and it will be given to you when you purchase a fishing license. However, from the brochure waterfront property owners are allowed two (2) crab pots. Must have a “turtle reduction device” on all entrances. Pots can be tied to pier or attached to a pole that has owners name.

Why is there a box of dishwasher soap out in the washer and dryer area?

One could purchase washer cleaning products, some $18.00 or apply a remedy of one cup bleach and one cup dishwasher soap, placed in washing machine drum, and then run the cleaning cycle on the washing machine.

What type of household products should I expect to find at the house?

Ample supply of toilet paper, 13 gallon trash bags, 45 gallon trash bags, salt for the water treatment system, and soap tablets for the dishwasher.

Is it necessary to empty the vacuum cleaner?

Yes, both vacuums are the bag less type of vacuums. Accumulated dust and debris limit the suction power of the machine. So, empty the vacuum regularly and shake out the filters to keep them operational.

Do I need to add salt to the water treatment bin?

Absolutely, keep it as full as possible.

What happens to the Ocean City house if I (insert your name) win big on the lottery?

“Implosion”, documented for posterity.

Do I need a fishing license?

Apparently so - effective 2011. Fishing from our pier apparently no license needed but you have to register with Maryland. Registration is a calendar year and requires annual registration.

DNRs website to register is http://dnr.maryland.gov/swregistry.asp

Why do we still have a kitchen door – that is continually propped open?

Good question. I assume to keep air conditioning from running too hard. Meaning, the back porch gets quite hot in the summer, so closing the door keeps the cold air in the house.

However, the door must be kept open during the winter to allow the heat to move into the back porch area. Heating and ventilation being retrofitted does not always produce optimum coverage.

Should I use the personal care items found in the bin under the night stand in the bath room?

Absolutely, don’t worry about replacing items used.

When I arrive why can’t I go thru the front door?

We don’t have a blasted key for the lock. That is why you secure the screen door, lock the door lock from inside and turn the dead bolt prior to exiting from the back porch.

Would Bob get upset if I took an empty propane tank and exchanged it for a full one?

Exchanging a propane tank that is refillable is committing an act of stupidity (see comment on irate)! The refillable tanks should have a tag on them. For that matter, the exchange tanks normally clearly say exchange.

If I bring items such as food/spices, personal items, floats, etc. and don’t want to take them home, should I leave them for the next person?

NO. If you bring it and don’t want to take it home – discard it before you leave.

If I use property items and equipment, do I need to return them to where they were stored?

Yes, this way the property does not get disorganized and people will be able to find items. Much work goes into keeping the property neat and not returning items to their original place only makes things tougher for others.

Do I need to cut off power to the shed when leaving?

No, just make sure the shed is locked.

Why don’t we have one of those fire pits (has small area for wood and screened spark shield) you see at the store?

Not a bad idea, however, I do recall one of the dry years the county had a complete ban on open fires. In any event, do not build a fire for outdoor entertainment.

Once the outdoor shower is finished, will I be able to take a shower in the nude and will I be able to take a piss while showering?

Yes on the first and at your discretion on the latter.

When I request a visit what should I do?

Identify if you have a key to get in. If not, find out where the emergency key is located.

Why do we have two (2) emergency keys?

People fail to return the emergency key to the proper location (see comments on irate).

Why are you quoting 6 ABC Ms. Fixit?

It seemed like it was worth a try. To clean acrylic tubs use a mixture of a half-gallon of hot water, a ¼ cup of vinegar, a ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol, and two squirts of dish (Dawn) soap. Rinse completely (how do you spell thoroughly?).